The Concept

Proton Therapy

Though proton therapy is similar to high energy x-rays, it is superior because of its precision and safety.

Protons are heavily charged particles that deliver concentrated radiation precisely to the depth and shape of a specific tumor, avoiding harm to surrounding healthy tissue and structures. This unique advantage is especially important for pediatric tumors and areas of the body with critical adjacent structures such as the eye, brain, base of the skull, spine, and prostate.

Because of this precision, physicians can tailor proton therapy to deliver personalized treatment to every patient.

International Outreach

United MPH Ventures LLC (in collaboration with a renowned cancer center) is committed to bringing state of the art proton therapy to cancer patients worldwide.

The Los Angeles Proton Center will collaborate with renowned cancer specialists to treat adult and pediatric cancer patients from the Greater Los Angeles area as well as international patients who are seeking treatment on the West Coast of the United States.

Our international outreach efforts include

  • Patient Screening & Consultation
  • Travel & Financial Assistance
  • Translation Services
  • Local Concierge Services
Medical Hotel

The Medical Hotel is designed to accommodate domestic and international medical tourists and their families with the most luxurious recovery environ-ment possible.

Inspired by the concepts of Yin Yang and Zuo Hue Zi, or “sitting the month,” The Medical Hotel combines the healing properties of sunlight, thermal control and a soothing color palette with the highest quality service and accommodations expected from a world class medical destination.

Recovery is a journey, The Proton Hotel will to make it a more pleasant one.

The Location

Located in Los Angeles in the City of Montebello, on the campus of Beverly Hospital, The Los Angeles Proton Center is the ideal medical destination offering convenient access to care for domestic and international medical tourists.

The Technology

Bringing Accessibility to Superior Care

Until now, proton therapy was impractical for widespread clinical use due to cost, size and complexity. The Mevion Medical Systems has finally made this superior cancer treatment accessible. The Mevion S250mx is a revolutionary proton therapy system that combines a patented gantry-mounted proton source with a highly integrated, image-based workflow, making proton therapy a practical clinical reality for cancer patients worldwide.

The Los Angeles Proton Center will offer the first Mevion Proton System in California, offering adult and pediatric patients and their families the opportunity to access state of the art cancer treatment. The system will include Mevion’s HYPERSCAN pencil beam scanning technology.

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